Saturday, 9 May 2015

Orchis champagneuxii

Orchis champagneuxii Champagne orchid

This orchid was at first thought to be O. champagneuxii but it was then decided by orchid experts that it is a cross between O. champagneuxii and O. olbiensis. The Champagne orchid is native to Portugal, Spain, Balearics, France and Morocco. It is found in open scrubland and forests. This one was on the edge of a forest, at Grazalema, Spain and was approx 25cms tall.

There is much discussion going on about this orchid, 12.5.2015, so I really do not know what it is as yet. It has now been decided that this is O. champagneuxii, rather than O. x mezquitiensis, which occurs much further east in Andalucia.

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