Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander Oleander


Flowers from May to September. It grows in the wild along water courses, and in the middle of motorways. It can tolerate drought or flood and is a very versatile plant. Unfortunately it is very toxic in it's leaves, flowers etc. It is not certain where it originated from, as it is so widely cultivated, but it is thought it came from SW Asia.

Narcissus cerrolazae

Narcissus cerrolazae

Narcissus bulbocodium

Narcissus bulbocodium Hoop-petticoat daffodil

This small daffodil flowers from February to April and grows from 10-20cms tall. It is native to the Iberian Peninsula, south of France and north Africa.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Anacamptis papilionacea

Anacamptis or Orchis papilionacea Butterfly Orchid

Orquidea mariposa

This beautiful orchid is found on limestone and grasslands and is found in the Mediterranean, eastwards to the Caspian Sea and North Africa. It grows from 20-40cms tall and flowers from March to May. We found this solitary plant in April in a site we had never seen it before so it was very exciting, but a few days later we went along again and it had been dug up! Why on earth did someone do that? They thought that it would look pretty in their garden, where of course it must have died.

Orchis champagneuxii or O.morio ssp champagneuxii

Orchis champagneuxii  or O. morio ssp. champagneuxii

Champagne Orchid

March to June

Ophrys bombyliflora

Ophrys bombyliflora Bumble Bee Orchid

March to June

Juno planifolia formerly Iris planifolia

Juno/Iris planifolia Broad-leafed Iris

Lirio de invierno

A common winter flowering plant and can be locally abundant. It flowers from November to March and grows from 10-15cms. This beautiful Iris has started to flower in different parts of Andalucia. There is a severe drought at the moment, no appreciable rain since May which will affect the flowering of this species. 1.12.2013.

Juno planifolia 

Flowering 14.12.2013