Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rubia peregrina

Rubia peregrina Wild madder


This madder is native to the Mediterranean, Great Britain and North Africa. It can grow to 2.5m and is seen here scrambling over Abies pinsapo. The flowers are hermaphrodite and pollinated by insects. It flowers from April to July.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ailanthus altissima

Ailanthus altissima  Tree of Heaven


This large, deciduous tree, native to China and Taiwan grows rapidly. It can grow 15m in 25 years and can reach a height of  20 metres. It is not long lived and usually dies before 50 years but leaves behind many new trees produced by suckers. It has become a pest in many countries.  It flowers in May and June. It has a foul smell and has become unpopular in gardens.

Ruta montana

Ruta montana  Mountain rue

Ruda de la montana

This Rue flowers from June to September and grows from 25 to 75cms tall. It is found in the south of the Iberian Pennisula, NW Africa and eastwards to Turkey. It is strongly aromatic but poisonous. Pregnant women have to take great care as the strong chemicals it contains can cause abortion. The sap can cause dermatitis and blistering of the skin. It is loved by some insects.