Sunday, 7 January 2018

A friend suggested that I update my blog by posting photographs of what is actually in flower at the time on my visits to Spain. At the moment we are experiencing a cold spell with snow on the mountains above 700m. I believe that for the past three weeks it has been very sunny and mild but now there has been a few rainy days to start filling the much depleted reservoirs. There is actually some lush green grass in places too with olive groves completely yellow with carpets of the Field marigold. The drought was becoming very serious but in this part of Spain things are beginning to improve slightly. In flower at the moment are the lovely deep blue Iris planifolia, Broad leaved Iris and the Field marigold Calendula arvensis. We are hoping to go looking for Narcissus papyraceus, Paperwhite Narcissus and Himantoglossum  robertianum, Giant orchid one day soon.