Sunday, 28 August 2016

Convolvulus lineatus

Convolvulus lineatus Narrow-leaved bindweed

This pretty bindweed is native to southern Europe, North Africa and west Asia. It grows from an height of 5cms to 20cms tall and is found up to an altitude of 1800m. It flowers from May to August. This was photographed late July at Puerto de las Palomas, Grazalema. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Salvia verbenaca

Salvia verbenaca Wild Clary, Wild Sage


This spring herb is native to the UK, Mediterranean, north Africa and the near East. It can be in flower virtually all year, but in the Mediterranean it is mostly spring. It grows from 20-80cms tall depending on moisture. The leaves can be used to flavour food, make sage tea and the flowers can be used in salads.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Genista hirsuta

Genista hirsuta 

This spiny gorse is native to the west of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. It can grow to an height over 1 metre tall. It inhabits undergrowth of Cork and Holm oaks and flowers from March to June.

Acis trichophylla

Acis trichophylla Three leaved Snowflake

Syn: Leucojum trichophylla
Campanilla de primavera

This delicate, bulbous plant is native to SW of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. It flowers from February to April and can grow from 5-30cms tall.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Campanula lusitanica

Campanula lusitanica Lusitaniun bellflower

This lovely annual, with stems as delicate as grass grows to an height of 35cms. It is native to the west Mediterranean and flowers from April to August. It is present throughout the Iberian Peninsula, except the Pyrenees. The flowers can be between 1-3cms in diameter and a vibrant blue to purple.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Euphorbia tirucalli

 Euphorbia tirucalli Indian tree spurge

Árbol de los dedos

This toxic shrub is native to Africa and the Arabian peninsula. I found it growing in the stone desert near to Albaricoques Almería. It may have naturalised as it is a semi-arid plant from tropical regions. It produces latex which can be converted to gasoline. It is extremely toxic to the skin and mucosa. Deaths have occurred due to people swallowing the latex.

Suaeda vera

Suaeda vera Shrubby sea-blite


This unusual succulent type plant is native to the Mediterranean, and found on saline soils. It can be found on marshes and also coasts, even in rocks. It has tiny cream flowers from May to September. This was photographed in March, Cabo de Gata. It can grow from 40cms to over a metre tall.