Monday, 30 September 2013

Trifolium tomentosum

Trifolium tomentosum

It is present in Mediterranean, tropical climates and southern Africa. It flowers from March to June and can grow to approx. 35cms.

Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense Red clover

Trébol rojo
It is present in Europe, North Africa and Asia and flowers from April to August, growing 20-80cms tall.

Trifolium repens

Trifolium repens White or Dutch clover

Trébol blanco
It is present all over Europe, North Africa and west Asia and flowers in the spring and throughout the summer.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Briza maxima

Briza maxima Greater quaking grass

This grass flowers from April to June and can grow to a height of 60cms. It leaves and seeds are edible.

Tolpis barbata

Tolpis barbata Tolpis

This plant is sometimes called the European umbrella milkwort and flowers from April to June. It is very variable in size and can grow from 10-30cms.

Trifolium campestre

Trifolium campestre Hop trefoil

This trefoil flowers from March to June and is native to the whole of Europe and west Asia. It is a good foliage plant for livestock, and replenishes the soil with nutrients.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gladiolus illyricus

Gladiolus illyricus

Gladiolo silvestre
It flowers from March to June and grows from 15-40cms.

Gladiolus italicus

Gladiolus italicus Field gladiolus

Gladiolo silvestre
It flowers from April to June and it is possible to see fields of them growing amongst the wheat or fallow areas. It grows from 15-40cms.

Gynandriris sisyrinchium

Gynandriris sisyrinchium Barbary nut

Patita de burro
It flowers from March to June and the flowers never appear until after midday. The ink from the flower stains your clothes, but will always wash out. It grows from 10-20cms tall. It is native to the Mediterranean.

Iris for id

Iris for id

Flowering in April near to Zahara Lake, Zahara de las Sierras. I have been unable to id it.

Iris xiphium

Iris xiphium The Spanish Iris

Native to Spain and Portugal and flowers from April to June and grows 20-40cms.

Romulea bulbocodium

Romulea bulbocodium

I am not 100% sure of the id. This Romulea flowers from January to March and grows 2-5cm tall. It is native to the Mediterranean basin.

Crocus serotinus ssp salzmanii

Crocus serotinus ssp salzmanii Southern autumn crocus

Azafrán serrano
Flowers from September to November and grows 5-15cm tall. These beauties are flowering in profusion now, especially after the recent showers encouraging blooming.
I have not seen any in bloom yet this autumn, 2014, probably due to the unusual intense heat and lack of any rainfall.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Echallium elatarium

Echallium elatarium Squirting cucumber

Pepinillos del Diablo
Flowers from May to October. If the fruit is touched it will explode and spray you and it's surroundings with a liquid and hundreds of seeds. It is poisonous, though is used as a herbal medicine in Turkey for Sinusitis. The liquid is placed directly into the nostrils.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Viscum cruciatum

Viscum cruciatum Mistletoe

Muerdago colorao

This parasitic plant flowers from March to June, and the berries appear in the autumn and winter. Unkempt Olive Groves can be smothered in it.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mandragora autumnalis

Mandragora autumnalis Mandrake

This plant flowers anytime from August to January and grows to about 30cm at times. It is highly toxic, any part of the plant, and contains Alkoloids including Hyoscymine used in anaesthetics etc. It was believed to have many magical powers, especially the roots as they resemble humans in shape and it is supposed to "scream" when you pull it out of the ground. To touch this plant it is necessary to wear gloves at all times. It was featured in one of the first Harry Potter books. A white form below found in October 2013. Flowering now 5.9.2014. This is very late this year, still no sign of it on 30.9.2016. It is possibly due to lack of rainfall as things are getting desperate due to the continued drought.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Trachelium caeruleum

Trachelium caeruleum Blue throatwort

Flor de Viuda (Widow's flower)
This perfumed plant is native to the western Mediterranean where it flowers in rocky crevices, or on banks and freely seeds itself. It can grow from 30-120cm and flowers from June to October.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Achillea ageratum

Achillea ageratum Sweet yarrow

This plant flowers from May to October and grows 15-30cm in the west Mediterranean. It was used in the Middle Ages strewn on floors to repel ticks, lice and moths.