Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mandragora autumnalis

Mandragora autumnalis Mandrake

This plant flowers anytime from August to January and grows to about 30cm at times. It is highly toxic, any part of the plant, and contains Alkoloids including Hyoscymine used in anaesthetics etc. It was believed to have many magical powers, especially the roots as they resemble humans in shape and it is supposed to "scream" when you pull it out of the ground. To touch this plant it is necessary to wear gloves at all times. It was featured in one of the first Harry Potter books. A white form below found in October 2013. Flowering now 5.9.2014. This is very late this year, still no sign of it on 30.9.2016. It is possibly due to lack of rainfall as things are getting desperate due to the continued drought.

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